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3B ProtectionBallistic and Blast Rated Walls and Structures
AlcadNiCd & Lead Acid Substation Batteries & Chargers
Concast (NM only)Box Pads & Cable Trench
HapcoStreet Light & Communication Poles, Mast Arms
Howard IndustriesDistribution & Medium Power Transformers, Voltage Regulators
IFDInternal Transformer Fault Detectors
IncabOptical Fiber Cables
ADSS (New Mexico Only)
Innovative Utility Products(Fault Wizard) Primary Cable Fault Location System
Meyer Utility StructuresTransmission & Substation Steel Structures
NGK LockeMV & HV Polymer & Porcelain Insulators

Grounding, bonding, surge and lightning protection solutions
NovatechOrion Substation Automation
Bitronics SCADA Meters
OFILDaytime Inspection Systems; Corona Cameras
Phenix Technologies (NM only)Hi Power Test Systems & Components
Power DeliveryFault Indicators & Smart Grid Solutions
PowersidePad-Mounted & Overhead Capacitor Banks
Harmonic Filtering
Rapid Rail
Fall Arrest Systems and Solutions for Towers and Steel Structures
ReinhausenTransformer and Regulator Monitoring and Controls,
MESSKO Transformer Accessories
Richards Manufacturing (Non-utility)Connectors
Medium Voltage Terminations
S&C ElectricS&C ElectricMV & HV Switching and Protection
Grid Automation
Data Center Equipment
SensorlinkHotstick Mounted Meters & Recorders
SouthwireLV, MV & HV Wire & Cable Solutions
StrapbinderClamps, Banding, Buckles, Installation Tools and Accessories
Travis Pattern & Foundry (PDU)Substation Connectors & Fittings
Trench (NM only)HV Instrument Transformers, Reactors & Bushings

UtilcoSecondary Connectors for Electric Utility Applications
Line Tools
VanquishSubstation and Security Fencing